Belgian-native Brenda Faucon studied Germanic languages in Ghent (Belgium), and has spent the last 26 years living in Germany, the US, and France. Her favorite time she spent in Memphis, Tennessee, where the Blues rules year-round, and where she found a mountain of inspiration to write the Rhythms and Blues Trilogy, even though the idea for the story had lived with her a long time before that.

Brenda currently lives in Pays de la Loire (France), writing Rhythms and Blues, Vol.3, the final installment in this character driven trilogy, and researching her next series of novels. When she isn’t writing, Brenda creates websites for customers worldwide, and runs an IT Consulting business together with her husband. Their dogs and cat, they help too… sometimes! In her spare time, Brenda enjoys (local) travel, cooking, and reading. Her favorite cities (in no particular order) are Ghent, Savannah, Atlanta, Memphis, Amsterdam, New York, Vienna, and Paris.


Rhythms and Blues, Vol.3

Greetings! Well, what can I say except that it is difficult to write about the conclusion of the Rhythms and Blues trilogy without giving away too much about the end of the second book. I’m also still writing it, so who knows where Katherine, Steve, and Paul will lead me. 

But, to appease the curious souls among you, I will say that with small-village books, I’ve always been curious about what happens next. I’ve often picked up my pen to continue writing myself. Where are these people now and what are they doing? How does it turn out for them in the longer term?

Rhythms and Blues is very much a character-driven book or trilogy and at the end of Vol.2, you probably have a sense of resolution, but you’re also wondering how these relationships, evolve. What really happened so many years ago? How is the vicar involved with Katherine’s family? Life’s challenges in Vol.3 give her the determination to bring it all to a head, but it will take a village mutiny with Katherine at the helm to make it happen.

Working title: The Adventures of Manon & Mosi Binkley

Once upon a time I had a really awesome dream about an adventurous mixed-race couple in 18th century France. I remember waking up from this dream, feeling like I had been a part of it, like it had been real. Keeping a dream journal by my bed, I wrote it down. I knew in my heart of hearts, that this could be a very cool story. And it hasn’t let me go since.

When I began researching the topic, having no idea where this would go or what these people (Manon and Mosi) would do, I happened upon a book that really sparked my interest. When I read it, I knew that I had found the reason why this couple should exist. I also realized that 18th century France was quite a fascinating time and leaves a well of possibility for not one book, but a whole series, with the same underlying topic.

It’s all very cryptic, I know. In this project, I am in the research phase. History books have always made me happy so I am in my element reading through a stack of them and taking notes. Now that I live in Pays de la Loire, I spend precious travel time searching for inspiring villages and castles nearby. Please do follow me on Instagram if you’re curious about the awesome places I find. I am including a few images here though, and will be updating them anytime I find something awesome to share with you and to lift the veil on my research as time goes by.

I cannot wait to sprinkle my ideas with the magic of words!


PROJECTS/ Websites

Supporting the writing habit is no easy feat, so I create websites (with or without client giveaway guides) in my day job! This came as a complete surprise to me. I love being creative but I had no idea that designing websites would feed that need. The digital world is one I love as much as the things I get to research and write about in my worlds of fiction. It’s a job that also allows me to continue learning all the time, and hone my writing skills in other ways. Like writing travel guides, which taps into my love of traveling and photography too. So you see, writing has become the hodgepodge of everything I am passionate about, and I am so grateful for every creative moment in my life.

Interested in a quote and in creating an awesome website for your small business? Or an exceptional giveaway for your site to build your mailing list? Let’s talk about your project. Contact me! Check the links for 3 websites we’ve created and below that are some sample images for giveaways I wrote.