Shrimp and White Wine Tagliatelli

This is a super simple dish to make, especially when you are a busy writer who still wants to eat well! There is no measuring anything. Use herbs to your discretion and taste. I like this dish mildly spicy. It takes less than 30 minutes prep to table.

Ingredients (4)
  • Box of tagliatelle (fettuccine) pasta of your choice
  • 1/2 lb shrimp or as you wish (fresh peeled and deveined )
  • 1 to 1/2 Cups dry white wine (Pinot Grigio/ Pinot Gris or a Chablis)
  • 1 Red bell pepper (chopped)
  • 1 Shallot (chopped)
  • 1 – 2 Garlic cloves (finely chopped)
  • Cajun seasoning – start with 1/2 teaspoon and take it from there (substitute: use Hungarian spicy paprika OR  sweet paprika with some cayenne pepper)
  • Hand full flat leaf parsley (finely chopped)
  • 1 – 2 tbs of real butter
  • Optional: cheese – use freshly grated gruyère – not too much
  1. Toss shrimp with cajun seasoning and set aside
  2. Heat water with salt (I use the palm of my hand to measure, a tablespoon) and some olive oil
  3. Melt butter over medium to high heat (don’t brown!)
  4. Add shallot and bell pepper. Cook till shallot is glassy.
  5. Add garlic and stir for a minute or so
  6. Add white wine and simmer until bell pepper is just about tender (taste to check)
  7. Salt/ pepper to taste
  8. Toss in shrimp, simmer 4 – 5 minutes (overcooked shrimp is tough!)
  9. Add parsley in the last 2 minutes.
  10. Turn off heat.
  11. Meanwhile cook pasta per directions (al dente preferred) and try to time it so both are ready at the same time.
  12. Scoop pasta directly into the shrimp and white wine sauce
  13. Toss pasta and sauce until coated well.
  14. Serve & enjoy! (Pair with remaining white wine)


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